Embrace. More than a hug. Fully wrapping your arms around it and holding it…

God has been teaching me to embrace several things in the past few months.

Embrace the way He made me…embrace what I see as good and what I see as bad knowing that when He put me together He said it was very good.

Embrace the gifts He has given me. Don’t hide them. Don’t neglect them. Use them for His glory and to encourage and equip His people.

Embrace critique. I don’t like this one. I still shy from it, but I am learning that when I embrace it, it doesn’t hurt nearly as badly as I thought it would and it makes me better at using my gifts.

Embrace change. I really don’t like this one. And yet, it shakes me up and makes me look at things more closely. It makes me examine myself and see more changes that need to happen – that I need to embrace.

Embrace trial. Does anyone like this one? I don’t think so. And I don’t mean embrace it like you love it. I mean embrace it so that you can get everything out of it that God intends. Embrace the endurance that it builds in you. Embrace the strong faith that comes out of it. Embrace the knowing that God never leaves during the trial.

Embrace community. For some of you this is no big deal. For me it is huge. To step out of my tendency to be a lone wolf. To turn away from thinking I can do this on my own. And finding out that community is what I have been craving all along and didn’t know it.

And finding out that when I embrace community, I am really learning how to embrace the way He made me, the gifts He has given me, critique from people who love me, change with the help of friends, trial alongside brothers and sisters.


I think I am getting it.


A little late this week, but I am joining the other writers at Five Minute Friday writing on the prompt word – Embrace. You can join us at www.katemotaung.com.


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  1. Barbara, I was just thinking today about when I would see your next article.?thanks for sharing your heart and all God is teaching you. Hugs to you!

  2. This is a great list! I kind of like my routines and comfort zones but God has taught me so many things through the past year with various trials, his calling on my life, and community. I’ve learned to embrace it, knowing the more uncomfortable I am, the more He is stretching me, and the more I grow more like Him. Thanks for sharing! I’m here from #fiveminutefriday. ?

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