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Check – Zipper Trim Finally Used


Zipper Trim 12

It’s time for another go at one of my Pinterest boards.

Ages ago I ordered a grab bag of zipper trim from Pick Your Plum. I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but it seemed like a great idea.

For a long time my lovely zipper trim lay draped over a magnet board in my craft/writing room. It was pretty, but…it was also nagging me to be used. So I opened up Pinterest and found that I had pinned a tutorial from Maya Road explaining how to make flower rosettes with zipper trim.

The tutorial was pretty thorough but I thought you might need to see that a real person (not a professional zipper trim manipulator) could do it.

Step 1

Cut your zipper trim:

Zipper Trim 1
The long 15″ piece is for the flower and the two shorter pieces are for the leaves.

Step 2

Create the inner leaves by hot-gluing the ends of the 4″ pieces together.

Zipper Trim 2
My own hint – I HATE burning my fingers with hot glue so I use a pencil to hold the pieces in place until the glue has set.

The result – five inner leaves:

Zipper Trim 3
Step 3

Now glue the inner leaf to the end of one of the 6″ pieces:

Zipper Trim 4
and then bring the other end of the 6″ piece around and glue it to the other side of the inner leaf, creating 5 of these:

Zipper Trim 5
Step 4

For the next step the tutorial calls for a little round scrapbooking thingy that I did not have and didn’t want to go looking for. However I did have a tablet with a cardboard back so I used that to create the circle base for the flower.

Zipper Trim 6
Step 5

The next step is actually making the flower. I would suggest that you watch this part of the tutorial several times. First comes making the center of the flower:

Zipper Trim 7
The tutorial says to hold this for a count of ten when the glue will be set, but mine needed more time. (And yes, I didn’t use my pencil trick this time because I needed to hold the center together while also holding it down. Pencils can’t do that! And, no, my finger does not look that weird in real life.)

The next part of this step was impossible for me to photograph – thus my suggestion that you watch the tutorial a couple of times. The trick is to fold the zipper trim as you go so that you don’t just get a tight circle of zipper trim. My first flower was like that. My second flower turned out like this:

Zipper Trim 8
The arrows are pointing to some of the folds that made this flower turn out better than the first one.

Step 6

The next step is to add the leaves, but before you do I would recommend that you trim off any raveling zipper trim or stray hot glue. I found out the hard way that it might show on the finished product. See?

Zipper Trim 10
This is how it should look:

Zipper Trim 11
Doesn’t that look better? And it only took a minute – well worth it.
So, back to attaching the leaves. Start by positioning 3 leaves in a way that satisfies you and glue them onto the back of the flower on the cardboard base.

Zipper Trim 9
Now place the last two leaves wherever you like.

Zipper Trim 12
Voila! A zipper trim rosette!

Step 7

Now to decide what to do with your rosettes. The tutorial said to use them as brooches or to put them on headbands, but mine turned out so heavy that that idea would never work. However, I have in my craft/writing room an old cupboard door that was remodeled into a chalkboard. It looked great but was really calling out for some zipper trim rosettes. And so, of course, it got them.

Zipper Trim 20
So there you have it – very simple rosettes made from zipper trim. Give it a whirl.
(Oh, and, by the way, I checked Maya Road and they do still sell zipper trim.)

A Procrastinating Perfectionist’s Primo Pinterest Project

Very Pinteresting

I know…crazy title for a blogpost, right? But I’ve been thinking and writing about such serious topics lately, and I just need a break.

So, it’s time for a Very Pinteresting project – actually a perfect project for a born procrastinator and perfectionist like me.

A LONG time ago I bought one of those big papier mache letters from Hobby Lobby – a big B for Barbara. I intended to decoupage paper scraps all over it and to hang it in my craft/writing room. I’m not really sure how long I had that letter. I actually printed out a bunch of pictures to use on it, but I got stuck.

Stuck in perfectionism first – those pictures I printed out were not going to work – absolutely not. They were too big. The images would be so chopped up that they would be unrecognizable. I knew I needed to reprint them in smaller sizes.

And then I got stuck in procrastinating. (And really, laziness, too.) Reprinting the pictures meant first finding them again and then resizing them and then printing them out again. A fate worse than death, of course.

More time passed – the B staring at me and the pile of pictures making me feel guilty (until I threw them away – ha!) And then one day I was surfing through Pinterest and found one of those pins that gives you a million projects you can do with washi tape – you know, the kind with a 20-picture collage with pictures so small that you almost can’t make out what the pictures are.

In the midst of those teeny tiny pictures was a letter like mine and it was covered with, of all things, washi tape! I love washi tape – just ask my buddy, Christine. I have a washi tape stash at home and a washi tape stash at work and I just bought a bunch of washi tape for a summer camp craft project. Yes, I love washi tape.

So, I grabbed that letter down from its perch…oh wait, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t do it right away. I had to think about it a couple of days – just to make sure that this was the absolute best way to decorate my B. (Nothing to do with perfectionism or procrastinating, I assure you.)

Anyway, when I did grab my letter and my washi tape stash, I worked away at that letter until it was completely finished (30 minutes, tops.) I do think you will want to know that I didn’t even put the project away when finishing the sides stumped me. I actually tried something that I didn’t think would work.

(Doesn’t that sound like a recovering perfectionist? A full-blown perfectionist would not try something she didn’t think would work, don’t you agree?)

Here it is in all its not-perfect glory.

B Collage

I like it. And it’s finished.

(Oh, yeah, I did consider attaching some sort of hanging device to the back of it, but I couldn’t make up my mind what would be the best way to do it. And besides, it looks great sitting on top of my old window. Who needs a hanger?)


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Epic Mommy Adventures

Taxidermy + Glitter = ?

This is my first post in a new category which I am going to christen “Very Pinteresting”. Do you have a zillion pins on Pinterest like I do? Granted – some of those pins are purely for the pleasure of looking at and keeping – like a scrapbook. But I did pin some of them with the intention of actually doing them. So, I am challenging myself to do at least one of my pins every month and to record it on my new “Very Pinteresting” page. Project Number One requires a bit of background. First, I am crazy about the idea of having a piece of taxidermy (preferably a deer head) in my house. I don’t want to go hunting – never been hunting in my life. I just want to find one that I can afford to buy without feeling guilty for spending money on a deer head. Second, my office mate, Christine, and I are slightly out of our minds about glitter. We work in children’s ministry – what do you expect? So, when I saw this sparkly deer’s head on Pinterest, I knew I had to make one for myself. Glitter Christmas Reindeer It started out like this: glitter deer 1 Then it progressed to this: glitter deer 2 And, finally it ended up like this (imagine it without the shadows – sorry!): glitter deer 3 Love it! I think I’m going to have to take it to work to decorate our office. Thanks, Kimberly, from Mixed Method and to whoever pinned my glittery deer head first.  It looks like it’s going to be a sparkly Christmas!

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