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Two Truths and a Lie

Have you ever played that game – Two Truths and a Lie? All the players have to write down two things that are true about themselves and one that is not. When your two truths and a lie are read to the group, the other players try to guess which one is a lie.

Of course, the ideal strategy is to come up with at least one truth that seems too far-fetched to be true and to invent a lie that is close enough to the truth to fool the other players. Tricky!

And if you have a close friend in the group, it gets even trickier. What lie can you come up with that will fool a good friend?

But sometimes, it’s more than a game. In real life there are truths about ourselves that we are willing to let others see, but there are others we are desperate to hide. So we tell half-truths or outright lies.

  • My daughter is doing great in school – good grades; the teachers love her; she has lots of friends (but hide the anorexia – she’s just naturally thin, you know – runs in the family)
  • My marriage is wonderful – twenty-four years this fall; just took a great cruise together; having a blast (but hide the hours he spends “at work” when you know he’s not at work)
  • My job is the best – great pay; great benefits (but hide the fact that it’s boring and Friday can’t come soon enough)
  • My relationship with God? Great, of course. I go to church every Sunday and help out in the nursery once a month. It’s super. (but hide the unopened Bible and the unused prayer journal)

The truth is that all of us have things we don’t want each other to see, but the truth is also that we need someone to see those things we hide.

  • We need God to see and to know that He loves us anyway.
  • We need loving friends to see and to help us work through our hidden things.
  • We need to be willing to show the truth to others who are working through the same problems.
  • We need to be real with each other, with ourselves, and with God.

Time to stop playing the game and to let the truth out.



Once again it’s time to join up with the Five Minute Friday community to explore this week’s prompt word – Truth. ¬†Check out the other ideas about truth at Kate Motaung’s blog – ¬†Heading Home.


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I Need God to Speak to Me

When I was a young Christian, I had a friend who seemed to have a vibrant, exciting relationship with God that was far beyond my own experience. When she talked about God it was as if He actually sat down beside her in her living room every morning and had a chat with her. Whenever she needed something, it seemed that God always provided it and more.

My friend even had a special prayer language that she could use to speak only to God.

The idea of a prayer language put me off a little, but I really did want God to speak to me as he spoke to my friend – like two friends out for coffee on a Saturday morning. Surely my friend had gone spiritually deeper than I ever had. And surely that meant that I was missing something in my spiritual walk.

It wasn’t until my friend had led me a good ways down the path of the prosperity gospel that I began to see that maybe my impressions of my friend’s spirituality were not based in fact.

Many years later, after I had grown much more in Christ, I was in a group when the question came up – “Does God speak to you?”

I was amazed to hear Christian people saying that God did not speak to them very much or at all. After a little more conversation, I realized that many of the people in the group were wanting to hear from God in the same way that my friend had claimed to hear from God. They wanted to hear His voice…to hear His specific words for their specific situations…to hear words straight from His mouth and straight to their ears, words that no one else heard.

Unfortunately, I was in introvert mode and so said nothing. To be honest, I was even wondering if something was wrong with me and my relationship with God. I was not expecting to hear a special word from God. I was not expecting Him to speak a specific message for me into my ears.

Instead, I was thinking, “What about His Word – His written Word to us?”

I didn’t say it then. I let myself be intimidated by those who did speak. I hid behind my introvert identity. But now I am saying it.

God has given us His Word with purpose and intent. Every word in the Bible is God speaking to you and to me. It is the written revelation of God Himself. We don’t need anything else.

We don’t need other people to tell us what God has supposedly spoken directly to them. We don’t need someone to imagine for us what heaven is like. We don’t need God portrayed as our best buddy who sits and has coffee with us.

Instead we need to be content with God’s chosen methods of communication with us – His creation that makes His eternal power and divine nature clear and His Word which was written that we might believe that Jesus is the Christ, and that believing we might have life in His name.

Yes, I want to hear from God, and I do hear from God every morning when I open up His Word with a heart and mind that are ready to listen and obey. Yes, I do read books that people have written about God and about His Word, but I read through the lens of the Scripture that I have been eating and digesting for the past thirty-seven years.

The Word, though old in years, is never old. It is always new. God never fails to speak through His Word to His people.

When you need God to speak to you, go to His Word for you.

Simplistic? Not really. Simple? Yes, so…what’s stopping you?

Open it up every day and listen to Him speak to you.



What Can Fill My Empty Wells?

Jeremiah 2:13

…for my people have committed two evils:
they have forsaken me,
the fountain of living waters,
and hewed out cisterns for themselves,
broken cisterns that can hold no water. (ESV)

Have you dug empty wells trying to satisfy your own needs? The question has been with me since a women’s retreat last weekend.

Wells that never fill up, wells that leak because they are broken.

Wells that cannot satisfy the thirst for acceptance or being truly known or escape from pain or love or any other need we may feel.

Wells that gradually reveal themselves as idols in our lives.

Wells that are a sorry imitation of the real thing. Wells that will always be empty.

So, what can fill my empty wells? Nothing.

The wells I dug are broken – beyond repair – unable to hold water.

I must abandon them and turn to the well of living water. The only water that can satisfy. The water that can fill up my emptiness.

Turning back to the God who understands my emptiness – the God who emptied Himself for me – is the only way to true satisfaction.

And that well never leaks, never fails in the driest summer.

Always sweet.

Always satisfying.


I’m joining my friends at Five Minute Friday in writing about the prompt word – Empty. Come and join in on the fun!


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Today Is the Day to Say Enough!

There comes a day in every life when it is time to say, “Enough!”

Enough what?

Enough waiting to do what you really want to do.

Enough hiding behind excuses.

Enough ignoring and avoiding what needs to be done.

Enough hoping for just the right opportunity.

Enough expecting someone else to make something happen.

Enough procrastinating.


It’s different for all of us. And there may be more than one time that we have to say, “Enough!” Really, now that I’ve written it, I know that’s ridiculous. Of course, there will be more than once that we have to say, “Enough!” Probably dozens of times.

I’ve had one of those times this year. A time to say, “Enough!” And to mean it. And then to revel in it. And then to see and experience the good in it.

It’s not a mean-hearted “Enough!” It’s not aimed at any person. Instead, it’s a talking to myself. It’s an “Enough!” that tells me that it’s time to tell myself only the truth that comes only from my God and to let the lies of the enemy fly over my head.

Are you there?

Are you shaking your head in agreement with me?

Are you ready to say, “Enough!”?

Well then…

Shout it with me…



Today I’m joining my Five Minute Friday friends at Every week we write for five minutes on one word. This week’s word is Enough. Come and see what everyone else has written!

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