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Should – Accusation or Invitation?

Can I just say it? The word “should” is not one of my all-time favorite words.

It can stir up unpleasant, shamed, not-enough feelings. I tell myself I should. My family tells me I should. My co-workers tell me I should. My friends tell me I should. The world around me tells me I should.

And along with the word “should” come a few other words – “but you probably won’t.”

I have a to-do list for this weekend and it includes things I should do. A few of those “should do” items are troublesome to me because there is a voice in the back of my mind speaking to me about them.

“You should do that. Yes, you should, but you know that you put that on your to-do list last weekend and it didn’t get done then. What makes you think you’ll get it done this weekend? Why even bother putting it on your list?”

I’ve listened to that “probably won’t” accusation a few too many times. Enough times that it begins to scare me away from doing what I want to do and from doing what I am gifted and called to do.

I’ve listened to that accusation often enough that it has tainted the word “should” for me.

Instead of the source of condemnation, the word “should” can be an invitation to an adventure.

  • I love to craft so I should make some time in my weekends to make something beautiful.
  • It would be good for me to lose some weight so I should experiment with new recipes for low-fat foods.
  • Reading great books is good for my brain so I should see what my library has to offer.
  • Writing is a way for me to reach out to my world so I should look for ways to improve my writing.
  • God has given me a wonderful life so I should enjoy it and share it as much as I can.

Suddenly “should” is transformed from a shame-producing word into a peek into what could be just around the corner – from something I avoid to something I anticipate.

What about you? Are you letting the voice of our enemy accuse you with what you should do? Or are you letting God invite you into discovering the excitement of what you should do?


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You’re More Than I Could Ever, Ever Dream

You’re the God of Wow! Amazing!

How could this be?

You’re the God of Whoa!

You’re more than I could ever, ever dream.

The more I learn about you exclamation points abound

To the God of Wow!

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been teaching this song, “The God of Wow” to my 3rd and 4th grade class. They love it so we’ve sung it many times and now the words are stuck in my mind.

That’s okay because I like it.

It reminds me over and over again that God is:

  • way more I can I describe,
  • way more than I can imagine,
  • way more than I can comprehend,
  • way more than I can tell,
  • way more than I could ever, ever dream.

When we find out that He created the earth, we find out that that He created more – Adam and Eve and you and me.

When we discover that He redeemed us, we then discover that He will redeem more – the whole earth too.

When we learn that he loves everyone in the world, we learn that He loves more – He loves us too.

When we re-read a passage that we read and studied years ago, we are surprised to see more – more about our great God that we never saw before.

When we are still marveling over an answered prayer – He answers one more.

We never can come to the end of more when it has to do with God.

He will always be more than we can ever, ever dream!


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Eat Up!

eat-upFor a long time Jeremiah, the book, has been one of my favorite books of the Bible and Jeremiah, the man, has been one of my favorite biblical characters.

Jeremiah knew ups and downs, heights of joy and depths of depression. He saw terrible events in the history of Israel, events that would shake the faith of the most faithful, and yet he always fell back on what he knew about his faithful God.

Jeremiah 15 is just one example. It begins with God banishes His people from His sight and sending to them four destroyers to kill, tear, devour, and destroy. Then comes Jeremiah’s complaint that he has been cursed without cause.

But…verse 15 marks the turning point that Jeremiah always comes back to. He knows that it is for God’s sake that he is reproached and cursed. He knows that he is not forsaken.

And then the verse that I love – verse 16.

“Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for I am called by your name, O Lord, God of hosts.”

Eating the Word of God…the picture of eating the Word of God is more than just skimming through, reading a chapter a day. Eating – chewing, swallowing, digesting. Jeremiah ate God’s words and the result was joy and delight of heart and the remembrance that he belonged to God and need not despair.

As early voting begins and the election is bearing down upon us, many of us wonder if we are headed for terrible events in our history, events that could shake our faith. Maybe.

But if we will be like Jeremiah – if we will eat the Word of God – chew the Word, swallow the Word, digest the Word – we will know joy whatever happens; we will be delighted in our hearts; and we will know that as those who are called by His name, He will be faithful to us no matter what happens.

So – eat up!

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Put It in Park

put-it-in-park“Now put it in park and turn off the car. That’s it for today. Good job!”

Her first driving lesson was over and I tried not to show my relief. We were both in one piece – maybe a little shaky – but one piece, and my little red car had come out of that lesson unscathed.

This was my third teenage driver to train. I should be used to it, right? But no, in the months to come, each time we drove back to our house and she put the car in park I was relieved again.

Several years later, it began again with my last teen driver – but still the reliable little red car. And we made it through that driving course successfully again.

That little red car holds lots of memories for me and those two teen drivers. Endless conversations about life (when I was wishing desperately that she or he were more focused on the road), bumps against the curb, first day driving without mom (oh, that was so hard!), first date, and painting a senior parking space for that car.

But then came the driver’s side window that wouldn’t roll down (no more drive-throughs), the air-conditioning that barely worked (not good in Texas summers), the locks that wouldn’t lock, and then a series of minor repairs leading up to that day we knew was coming but wished wasn’t.

The last day that one of our family members would put it in park and walk away.

It was a good little car. I remember that day we brought it home – finally a red car – something I’d always wanted. And for fourteen years we stuffed that little red car with tons of memories.

Until the day when we could no longer justify the cost of the repairs and we had to park it for the last time. I have to admit I was sad, but now there’s a nice looking black car parked in the space where the red car had been and it’s time to start stuffing that car with my son’s memories.

I can’t wait to see what those will be!


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