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Christmas – A Time to Remember – Part 2

Christmas Journal 3

Remember the Christmas Journal that never got finished? This page and others like it are the reasons it remains incomplete. I still think the Christmas Journal is a wonderful idea, but can I give you a hint?

If you plan to create one for your family, KISS! You know what that means, right. Keep It Simple, Silly (a euphemism for stupid).

How could I ever hope to get this book finished when I tried to incorporate every nifty technique I could think of on ONE page?

  1. Five different scrapbook papers
  2. Hand-cut words (cookies)
  3. Machine sewing
  4. Mini tags tied to the page
  5. Mini pocket with labels
  6. Antiquing
  7. Tearing
  8. Doodling

Christmas Journal 2

Really? No one can sustain that level of craziness throughout an entire scrapbook! And just to make matters worse, for some reason I decided that one page of Christmas cookies wasn’t enough.

Christmas Journal 1

When I look back at it now – I realize just this one page would have been enough, if only because of the pictures of a much younger Evan enjoying the beater. (And, yes, I have always let my kids lick the beaters and they have all made it into adulthood.)

But seriously, Christmas cookies are a big deal in the Deatherage Christmas traditions. It’s my mom’s fault. She loved to bake Christmas cookies and not just the easy ones like I do. She always made cut-out sugar cookies and she actually decorated them too.

Mom would start baking cookies way before Christmas and would package them up and stick them in the freezer. I think that in her mind, if a bag of cookies was in the freezer they would stay there until she pulled them out and doled them out to us. Funny! My kids have memories of sneaking into Mom Mom’s freezer and of acting innocent when she discovered yet another half-empty cookie bag.

I wasn’t going to make any cookies this year because they are deadly for the weight loss plan, but now I don’t know. It seems that the older I get, the more our traditions are about honoring the memories of the ones we’ve lost. And when you think about it, aren’t the really good traditions good because of the memories of family that they renew in our hearts and minds? That kind of tradition isn’t conjured up or found on Pinterest and usually isn’t planned. They just happen and calories don’t even figure into the decision to continue them.

I think it’s time to find that sugar cookie recipe!

What about you? What traditions does your family keep because of the memories of loved ones? Were you considering opting out this year for what seems like a really good reason? What do you think now?

Christmas – A Time to Remember

Christmas Journal 1First of all – a disclaimer – I am a scrapbooker wannabe. I went through a scrapbook phase about 8 years ago, but my procrastinating perfectionist tendencies did me in big time. Every page had to be just so which led to a huge investment of time on each page which led to procrastination which led to unfinished scrapbooks 8 years later. That said…the scrapbook I am about to share with you, while precious to me, will almost certainly never be finished.

Now that the air is clear…at least five years ago, I had the idea to create a scrapbook which would capture the Deatherage family Christmas traditions. Recently I was looking for something else and happened upon the unfinished (of course) Christmas scrapbook. I still think it’s a great idea so I’d like to share it and some of the stories behind it over the next couple of weeks.

Because creating a list is always my first step in a new project, I made a list of the Christmas traditions our family celebrates and then I began to gather photos to illustrate them. The first couple of pages of the scrapbook/journal introduce the idea of the book.

Christmas Journal 2I also looked up a lot of Christmas quotes and poems to spread throughout the scrapbook. This one was written by Charles Dickens who just happens to be one of my all-time favorite authors.

Christmas Journal 3This page serves as a kind of table of contents although I certainly didn’t limit myself to any kind of order for the book. However, between my master list and this page, I did have a kind of plan for the rest of the book.

But, wait! My purpose was not to get caught up in the mechanics of the book. This is not a tutorial on Christmas memory scrapbooking. My purpose is to encourage you to STOP! Stop in the middle of your Christmas whirl.

Stop and think and remember and imagine and see in your mind’s eye your precious family and the bits and pieces that make up the book of memories of that family.

Listen to me. Our family is almost 34 years old. Its size has increased from two people to six people to eight people to eleven people. Because of geographical distance and military postings, rarely will those eleven people be in the same place at a Christmas in the future, but the memories will always be there.

Perhaps your medium for remembering will not be a messy, unfinished scrapbook, but you need a way to remember. Trust me, if it’s not written down or photographed there are things you will forget. And the joy of seeing a long-forgotten photo or reading about what you once did together is beyond value.

Stop today and think about it. How can you put together those memories so that you can all look back on them in the years to come? In the meantime, keep checking back and I’ll eventually share with you all the pages in the Deatherage Christmas scrapbook.

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