Jeremiah 2:13

…for my people have committed two evils:
they have forsaken me,
the fountain of living waters,
and hewed out cisterns for themselves,
broken cisterns that can hold no water. (ESV)

Have you dug empty wells trying to satisfy your own needs? The question has been with me since a women’s retreat last weekend.

Wells that never fill up, wells that leak because they are broken.

Wells that cannot satisfy the thirst for acceptance or being truly known or escape from pain or love or any other need we may feel.

Wells that gradually reveal themselves as idols in our lives.

Wells that are a sorry imitation of the real thing. Wells that will always be empty.

So, what can fill my empty wells? Nothing.

The wells I dug are broken – beyond repair – unable to hold water.

I must abandon them and turn to the well of living water. The only water that can satisfy. The water that can fill up my emptiness.

Turning back to the God who understands my emptiness – the God who emptied Himself for me – is the only way to true satisfaction.

And that well never leaks, never fails in the driest summer.

Always sweet.

Always satisfying.


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  1. Great insights here. I think often we do dig our own empty wells and try to fill them up instead of turning to God and receiving his Living Water. But when we do turn to him, it is amazing that he fills us so we will never be empty again. Visiting from FMF #12.

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