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Lady, I’m Thankful For You

thankfulI’m sure you’ve had this experience – you know, the one where God makes sure that you keep hearing the same idea over and over again in a short period of time. You hear it from different sources – sometimes a book, sometimes a sermon, sometimes a chance remark – but it’s the same every time.

It’s been happening to me for the past two weeks and it’s been LOUD.

Well, maybe it just sounds loud to me, because I’m an introvert and an idea like this is going to have to be loud for me to hear it.

God has been telling me that I need godly ladies to look up to and follow and that I need to be that godly lady for younger women. Yes, I know it’s nothing new. It’s actually even in the Bible, but have you looked at the way we live these days? We run in and out of church with a “How are you?” and “Fine!” We drive up to our houses with maybe a wave at a neighbor before we drive into our garages and let the door down. We go to the grocery store without speaking a word because – self-service lane!

But then God does something like sending you to a grandparents’ conference where you are reminded of the people who are twenty or thirty years older than you – the people who have given sermons and written books that you realize have influenced the way you live your life and raise your families. And then you read books – books like Giddy Up, Eunice by Sophie Hudson in which you are reminded of women like Elizabeth and Mary, Ruth and Naomi, and Lois and Eunice who needed each other and supported each other and were used by God.

So, besides being convicted like crazy that I need to be aware of how much I need to need other women both younger and older, I am also very thankful for all the women who have spoken into my life, many of whom don’t even know that they have.

Lady, I’m thankful for you!

  • Mom
  • Grandma
  • Aunt Annie
  • Mrs. Haas
  • Mrs. Frank
  • Linda S.
  • Linda B.
  • Gladys
  • Martha G.
  • Ruth Ann M.
  • Sheila B.
  • Mrs. Moss
  • Francie
  • +a bunch whose names (I’m embarrassed to say) escape me
  • +a whole gang of writers and speakers

Ladies, I’m thankful for you and I promise to do my best to let God do with me what He has done so beautifully with you.


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So Grandparents Matter After All

Four and a half years ago Jim and I became grandparents for the first time. We were so excited! We couldn’t wait to meet that very special little girl.

Now, because I am a reader, I started looking for books on grandparenting, hoping especially for books on Christian grandparenting. The results were discouraging. I found one book for grandparents. One. And it wasn’t even very good. Disappointing! Did that mean that our role as grandparents really was just to spoil them, fill them up on sugar, and send them home? Couldn’t grandparents be more than that?

Four years later we got an answer to that question when we registered for a conference we had never heard of before.

Today we had the opportunity to go to that conference, the very firstĀ Legacy Grandparenting Summit – the first national conference on Christian grandparenting ever held.

I heard things there that I had never heard before.

  • Grandparents are the second most important influence in kids’ lives – second only to their parents.
  • Grandparenting is found over and over again in the Bible where grandparents are instructed to pass on the faith to their son’s sons.
  • Grandparents are to recount the God stories of their families’ lives and to repeat and repeat and repeat them.
  • Grandparents are to be intentional spiritual storytellers.
  • Grandparents have been there and done that and so have what their grandchildren want and need.
  • Grandparents must consider the legacy they are passing on to their families.

In other words, our kids may be out of the nest. We may have more time to do what we want to do. We may have more money to do what we want to do.


our calling to train up the next generation has not ended. It’s just our role in the adventure that has changed. It’s not time to check out of family life so that we can work on the bucket list. Instead, it’s time to get up and get going.

Today was a good day of learning that grandparents do matter after all, and that’s just today. We have two more days of conference to go!

(Oh, and I came home with a nice stack of books on…can you guess? Grandparenting!)


An Election Day Prayer

election-day-prayerA Prayer for Election Day

Dear Father,

I am so glad that you are the one, true, living God – the God who has limitless power, infinite wisdom, and unfailing love.

Our country is a mess. It’s not just a matter of right against left anymore. Now factions within each wing line up against each other. Hatred is commonplace. Violence is encouraged. Corruption is ignored.

If I think about it too much I can get discouraged and even frightened.

Until, I remember you.

You have taught us that nothing happens that surprises you. You are a sovereign God knowing the hearts of men and orchestrating all in our world from the beginning to the end. There have been other times when our predecessors must have believed that the world was as bad as it could get, but you had other plans in mind for us. And your plans were and always will be perfect.

Help us to trust you. Perhaps it is for our good that we feel that our votes count for very little. Perhaps it forces us to trust you with the results.

Prepare us for what lies ahead. For those of us who are weak in our faith, build us up. For those of us who are flippant or careless in our faith, bring us to reality. For those of us who have neglected your Word and prayer, forgive us and draw us back to your living water.

Please heal our churches. Forgive us from drifting from the truth and being content with country-club churches. Bring us back to the place where we can be salt and light again to our broken world.

And, if persecution is to come to the Western church, please fill us with your Spirit and give us your strength and boldness to face what you put before us.

Thank you for revealing yourself to us. Thank you for giving us your Word that teaches us the truth. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to be our comforter and teacher.

Now, help us to courageously step out into the future knowing that you are faithful and that your love for us is steadfast and that you will fight the battle for us.

“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

Exodus 14:14

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