Month: September 2014

Hold On!

Hold on to what you know is true.

When you are thinking that you are a failure and that your life has no meaning, hold on to what you know is true – God made you in his own image.

When you are wildly successful and you are beginning to believe all the flattery, hold on to what you know is true – God is the one true God and we don’t have the option to worship idols including ourselves.

When you think no one cares about you and your problems, hold on to what you know is true – God’s love for you is steadfast and everlasting.

When you face trials or temptations that threaten to overwhelm you, hold on to what you know is true – there is nothing hidden from our God and He who knows the number of hairs on your head will not abandon you.

And, if you don’t know that these things are true, if you don’t have these things to hold on to, may I suggest that you pull out your Bible and begin to read it and to think about it.  Go ahead and start in the beginning – after all, it’s a good place to start.  (And, if you want a little more help in understanding what you are reading, I have another suggestion, a book called Women of the Word by Jen Wilkin.)

While you’re reading, look for true statements about God.  Jot them down.  Look at your list often.  Ask God to make them real to you.  And then…as you live your daily life…hold on to what you know is true.


“READY”…a simple word…”ready”… My definition of  “ready”? Knowing it is time to let go of what has come and gone – both good and bad – and being willing to move on into what is to come. Ready…am I ready?  Ready to take all I have learned and experienced from 34 years of living the Christian life, 33 years of marriage, 31 years of being a mom, 10 years of children’s ministry, and 2 years of being a grandma…to see what God can do with all these pieces of my life to bring glory to Himself and to encourage and equip women who are where I was 34 years ago?

God, make me ready!

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